Environmental Impact Assessment for Modern Brick Factory in Baghdad, Iraq

  • Saadi M.D. Al-Nuzal
  • Salih A. Al-Bakri Environmental Research Center, University of Technology Baghdad, Iraq
  • Sarah D.A. Zankana


The environmental and social impacts of a bricks factory was evaluated and the information's have been collected from a community questionnaire, as well as the analysis quadrilateral (SOWT) strategic for default modern bricks factory. The results devolve toward the manufacture of bricks with a modern and environment friend technology showed the extent of the community's awareness about contaminants posed by traditional brick plants. The analysis of the strategic quadrilateral project gave positive results in terms of overcome strength elements and of weakness in the internal environment and opportunities to overcome threats in the external environment for the modern factory. The study summarizes number of recommendations concerning, the most important use of modern technologies to reduce pollutants outside of the brick factories and alternatives and environmental monitoring plan for the project so as to ensure that the protection of the surrounding environment.
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M.D. Al-Nuzal, S., A. Al-Bakri, S., & D.A. Zankana, S. (2019). Environmental Impact Assessment for Modern Brick Factory in Baghdad, Iraq. Engineering and Technology Journal, 37(3 C), 377-384. Retrieved from http://engtechjournal.org/index.php/et/article/view/418