Security Improve in ZigBee Protocol Based on RSA Public Algorithm in WSN

  • Nabaa A. Hassan University of Technology
  • Alaa K. Farhan University of Technology


ZigBee is consuming low energy and providing the protection in Wireless Sensor Networks. ZigBee pro is supporting most applications. In spite of improved the security, ZigBee pro weak in key administration. In this paper, we depend on Logistic Map Diffie Hellman (LMDH) and SubMAC for Wireless Sensor Networks by ZigBee. In addition, we will improve the security in ZigBee by using the Rivest-ShamirAdleman (RSA) algorithm instead of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). LMDH used for improved key administration schema (protect key distribution) and SubMAC used for providing authentication and prevented Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) and Replay attacks, LMHD did not provide this service, so we use SubMAC to overcome with this problem, and use RSA to improve the security by encrypting the network key and ensure that the connection is secure between the nodes and then we can send the data safely. And the results ensure: the proposed is extra effective when compare with ZigBee pro from where the execution time and power consumption, in addition, it proved that security is improving.

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Nabaa A. Hassan, University of Technology
طالبة ماجستير - علوم الحاسوب
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