Characterization of Nb2O5-Ni Coating Prepared by DC Sputtering


  • Hiyam M. Jedy university of technology
  • Rana A. Anaee Material Engineering Department
  • Abdullah A. Abdulkarim Commission for Research and Industrial Development – Ministry of Industry and Minerals



The Nb2O5-Ni coating was processed using DC sputtering on structural steel and study characterization of composite coating SEM/EDS inspection indicated clearly perfect incorporation of Nb2O5 within the nickel rich. Increasing in surface roughness and decreasing in average diameters of particles were obtained for coated surface compared with uncoated surface from AFM analysis, in addition, microhardness test and thickness test showed that increasing of the hardness value to 163 HV for Nb2O5 - Ni composite coating compared to 132 HV for uncoated samples, the hardness for Ni coating also increasing to155 HV and the thickness for Nb2O5-Ni composite coatings increased significantly compared to uncoated samples.


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Jedy , H. M. ., Anaee , R. A. ., & Abdulkarim , A. A. . (2021). Characterization of Nb2O5-Ni Coating Prepared by DC Sputtering. Engineering and Technology Journal, 39(4A), 565-572.